The Performance

Coming in October 2016

Naive and talented, Hana Knight is a young classical pianist who has been gifted with a musical upbringing, a magnificent Steinway piano, a place at Juilliard and a patron who arranges everything, from her Manhattan apartment to her first European tour.

In the midst of her meteoric career, Hana becomes increasingly aware of an unusual follower, a homeless woman named Jacqueline who sells handmade mittens and collects bottles in order to buy tickets to Hana’s concerts.

Ann's Blog: The Ecology of Writing

Ann Eriksson - Author and BiologistWelcome to my blog about writing and ecology (or the ecology of writing). In the spring of 2011, I started producing a free email newsletter called A Novel Journey, which took subscribers along with me as I wrote my novel  High Clear Bell of Morning.  The newsletter has generated a lot of interest and I have been encouraged to direct the content to a wider online audience, hence the beginning of my blogging career. While you can read all the back issues of the newsletter here, I thought I would focus the blog on a subset of topics about writing, editing, and publishing, as well as the environmental and social issues which I often write about in my novels such as forest conservation, marine ecology, environmental toxins, mental illness and homelessness to name a few. Occasionally I might include something unrelated simply because it interests me.

Check back here frequently for new posts or let me know you are interested in receiving notices of new blog posts by sending me an email through my contact page,following me on Twitter or by friending me on Facebook. Until I've figured out an integrated format for comments, you can comment on my blog posts via my contact page.

Thanks for your interest! Ann