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May 2020

“A passionate and beautifully illustrated appeal to bird lovers of all ages."

-Bridget Stutchbury, author of Silence of the Sondbirds and The Bird Detective

“Anyone, young or old, who wants to learn more about the birds that live in their neighbourhood or on the other side of the planet will love this book."

               - Trevor Herriot, naturalist                                     and author of Grass, Sky, Song


Bird's-Eye View and Dive In are available in Canada and the US in print and ebook format.

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“A lively, up-to-date and thought-provoking book that should
readily engage young readers and encourage them to consider
their role in ocean preservation, for its health and their own. A
timely read for anyone! Highly Recommended.”
⎯CM Magazine

“Concise and still thorough, this is a solid addition to a wideranging and ecologically conscious series.”
⎯Kirkus Reviews

For global citizens in training, Eriksson’s mantra – “Everything is connected to everything else” – is a significant and heartening concept to ponder.

⎯Quill & Quire