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Ann supports independent bookstores. All of Ann's books, except Decomposing Maggie, are available through your favourite bookstore. For online purchases of Ann's non-fiction ecological literacy books for young readers go to the

Books for Young Readers page. All of Ann's novels are available through Amazon, Abebooks and other online booksellers in print and ebook format.  For those of you who would like  a signed copy of any of Ann's books, contact her directly (shipping costs will apply).  A German translation of In the Hands of Anubis is available in Germany under the title Mehr Als Ein Sommer. Thank you for your interest in Ann's work.

The Performance


Douglas & McIntyre 2016

High Clear Bell of Morning


Douglas & McIntyre 2014

Falling From Grace


Brindle & Glass 2010

In the Hands of Anubis


Brindle & Glass 2009

Decomposing Maggie


Turnstone Press 2003

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