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High Clear Bell of Morning

ISBN: 978-1-77162-023-9

Douglas & McIntyre 2014

Glen, a marine biologist who studies killer whales in the Salish Sea, is desperate to understand his daughter Ruby's mental illness. He follows her through the streets catching glimpses of the horror-filled world where she now resides. Meanwhile he discovers disturbing parallels between Ruby and the mysterious death of a young killer whale found with a body full of toxic pollutants. 


Elegantly told and affecting, High Clear Bell of Morning illustrates the strain on families confronted with psychotic disorders, while at the same time celebrating the natural world and sending a cautionary warning of what we all have to lose.


Praise for High Clear Bell of Morning:


High Clear Bell of Morning is an excellent novel - a novel of the "I can't put this down" variety. - Tracey Sherlock, Vancouver Sun.


Finally, there's a novel that explores the unique hell of families trying to help a relative who develops a psychotic disorder.-Susan Inman, author of After Her Brain

Broke: Helping My Daughter Recover Her Sanity.

It is Eriksson's ability to draw character with care and compassion that most successfully sustains this novel.  That is what made me cry.- Arleen Pare

I savoured this book, and hoped it wouldn't end.- Susan Musgrave

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