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In the Hands of Anubis

ISBN: 978-1-897142-35-6

Brindle & Glass 2009

Replete with coyotes, dog-headed gods and broken tractors, In The Hands Of Anubis is a wonderfully playful exploration of human relationships and the unexpected guides we meet in life.

Trevor Wallace, a tractor salesman with a lost childhood and a stalled relationship, is en route to Africa on business. In the Frankfurt airport he stumbles over the bag of Constance Ebenezer, a gregarious old lady travelling the world with extraordinary contraband in her luggage. Marooned briefly in Cairo together, these two unlikely companions embark on an emotional journey that turns Trevor's predictable and well-ordered world upside down.

Praise for In the Hands of Anubis:

In this sensitive, heartfelt novel Ann Eriksson shows how a transformational relationship can move us from one sphere to another, with unexpected discoveries, both wise and funny, along the way." - Edeet Ravel


Now this is a love story! Ann Eriksson tells us a love story that includes the contemporary resistance to the very idea of love. It includes travel, mythology, sex, humour, an absolute abundance of fascinating characters. It's about the many and unlikely ways in which we seek happiness. - Robert Kroetsch

"In the Hands of Anubis is a lovely and loving exploration of hope and human connection. Constance is ...unforgettable."- Candace Fertile, Times Colonist

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